Friday, December 3, 2010

Resettlement- Step into a Refugee's Shoes

Every time I see the trailer for this film, I tear up. While I was working in refugee resettlement, I showed this film to my co-workers, some of whom were former refugees themselves. The follow morning everyone of them came to me and told me how the movie had brought back vivid memories and feelings from the past. So despite the fact that this film covers the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan, much of this poignant film also mirrors the lives of refugee people groups from all over the globe. Please take time to watch.  The film is award winning, narrated by Nicole Kidman and I know if you watch it will stir your heart. God Grew Tired of us is available for rental online or at your local video store and may even be purchased from various vendors, such as

Check out the film trailer here or by choosing the link to your right, under "Resources."

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  1. Even the short trailer made me feel a big stir in my heart. I bet this will be a good movie. It's now my number 1 must-watch movie. Thanks for sharing this great movie with us, Kathleen.